Microsoft Office 365 – Top 5 cool features

Microsoft Office 365 is the latest offering of Microsoft Corporation to users considering an application for arranging data, editing documents or creating impressive PowerPoint presentations. It has catered to the need of both individuals and business owners since its inception. The Office 365 comes with a multi-platform support for macOS, Android as well as Windows operating system. Applications that come along with the Microsoft Office 365 include a word processor, an email client, excel sheet, database manager and a slideshow maker among a plethora of other programs.

The Microsoft Office is available with different subscriptions for users. These subscription plans include Business, Personal, Essentials, Enterprise, Home, ProPlus and Business Premium. Users can choose from any of these subscription plans depending on their need. Apart from this, Microsoft also offers a number of services including Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint and voicemail for business applications.

However, Microsoft also has another trick up its sleeve. The highly efficient and trained Microsoft Office support service caters to providing support for any issue that interrupts in the functioning of Office 365.

Do you want to know what “cool” features does the upgraded Microsoft Office 365 offer to its users?

Your experience with the upgraded Microsoft Office 365 gets a lot better with some awesome and advanced features available for users, both beginners and professionals. Right from the number of text editing tools in Microsoft Word to plethora of options for creating a visually appealing presentation by Microsoft PowerPoint, users can relax that they have a one man army in the form of Office 365. The technical experts at the Microsoft Office support have come up with a list of 5 supercool features offered by the Office 365. These 5 benefits are described in details below;

  • Real Time sharing and editing on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

You can share and edit any document online with the real-time co-authoring feature available in Office 365. Save all of your files in the online-cloud service such as OneDrive or SharePoint and work at the same time on them.

  • Converse while using Office applications

Heard the latest? Skype has been integrated with the Office applications. It allows you to chat, share screens and have audio-visual meeting with others. You can also continue the conversation on your desktop or mobile version of the application even after exiting.

  • Use the mouse as a pointer for PowerPoint presentations

With the help of “CTRL+P”, turn your mouse into a laser pointer for PowerPoint presentations. Utilize the Presenter Mode commands integrated into every touch-screen devices.

  • Easy Conversion to PDF format

Have you completed your work on the pending word document? Now, convert the file to PDF format with the save option. Simply open the File option and select Save as PDF feature. In case you want to edit a PDF document, just convert it to Word format without facing any issues.

  • Humongous 50GB storage

Whether you are working for a school project or creating the company annual report on the Microsoft Office 365, rest assured that you will get 50GB mail storage space. Save the mailbox space by utilizing OneDrive cloud storage to store attachments.

Still want to know more about how Microsoft Office 365 can make your document editing and presentation a breeze? Pick up the phone and call the Microsoft Office 365 support team at 0-800-820-3300

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