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Microsoft Edge browser is the most advanced and feature filled application by Microsoft for Windows users. At a time when cybercrime has affected every single computer located in any part of the world, an internet browser is the first gateway for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to a user’s PC. Connect with the Microsoft Support to know more on handling any issue affecting your online presence.

In this age of unrestricted access to information, both harmful and useful; it is hard to predict what type of malicious software might harm your internet browser. There is a plethora of websites with malicious codes that get downloaded once you are on the site. At the same time, there are hackers looking for their next prey to steal personal data, both offline and online. We at the Microsoft Windows Support are here to keep your digital presence hidden against any cybercrime.

One of the most vulnerable points include JavaScript and ActiveX controls which are used for rendering online content. These are not only a boon to the web developer but also to the hacker as these two cannot differ between malicious and safe codes. Our professionals at the Microsoft Customer Support have the best tools to ensure that your internet browser remains safe against any attack.

What security features does the Microsoft Edge Browser offer to Windows 10 users?

The team of professionals at the Microsoft Windows Technical Support has more than a decade of experience in handling issues related to Windows 10. We follow the policy of providing our customers with outstanding Windows technical assistance without compromising on the quality of the service.

Our experts at Microsoft Support have come up with a list of the best security features which the new Microsoft Edge browser offers to Windows 10 users. These have been explained below in details;

  • The Login Process

Apart from which Windows device you are using, Microsoft offers a device certificate to provide the users with a proper login process. The Microsoft Passport with Windows 10 ensures that the user is not visiting any unsafe websites through this certificate. In case it is a phishing site, the website won’t be able to acquire any of your login credentials. Let the Microsoft Support experts be your guide in choosing the best internet browser for your online needs.

  • Secure Model

The advanced security features available on the Microsoft Edge browser ensure that they don’t use any scripting while the user is online. It disables the ActiveX controls, VB scripts, VML, and toolbars. You can connect with the Microsoft Technical Support professionals to know more about what this feature does to keep your online presence safe from cybercriminals.

  • Defense against Memory Corruption

The easiest way for a hacker to infect your computer is to send scripts to a program resulting in a buffer overload and make the browser resolve the issue. This is done with the intention of taking control of the user’s computer where the target browser is installed. Microsoft Edge made a massive improvement by preventing buffer memory overflow using a number of techniques. Our experts at the Microsoft Windows Support are always available to keep your online and offline data safe.

  • Microsoft SmartScreen

The Microsoft SmartScreen was introduced along with Internet Explorer version 8 and is an important part of both Microsoft Edge and Windows Shell. It keeps users safe against phishing sites by performing a reputation check on websites they want to visit. In case a website is safe, the users will be allowed to proceed and if it is doubtful then a warning will be displayed to the user. Let the professionals at the Microsoft Windows Technical Support help you get the best from the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Sandboxing Microsoft Edge application

An additional measure to the Microsoft Edge browser is that it will always run in partial sandbox. It will help prevent any attacker from gaining total control of all the computing resources and make it hard for them to access your browser. Let the Microsoft Support guide you in choosing the best Internet browser for your needs.

How can I connect with the Microsoft Support experts?

You can connect with the Microsoft Support professionals via toll-free number at (0 808 164 2786).

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