The Best Cloud Storage Services For Keeping Your Data Safe

Online Cloud Services are the best way to secure each byte of your important data. This is the best way to save data in situations of CPU failure, windows system failure due to virus infection, or simply taking a backup for future use. Users often rely on USB-drives and external disks to store their data but these often have a risk permanently associated with them. These can malfunction owing to a long-term use or someone can simply steal these and gain access to the data stored on it.

On the other hand, Cloud Storage offers users with a different way to not only store their data but also keep it safe. A number of Cloud Storage services need the user to sign-up for an account and have a username and password to gain access to the data. This makes the Online Cloud Storage services a better option than the traditional methods.

Which are the best online cloud storage services that can be used to take a complete data backup?

The professionals working with Microsoft Windows Support have come up with a list of the best online cloud services that can be used to take a complete data backup. These have been explained below with details;

  1. Google Drive
  2. Online Cloud Services will never be complete without mentioning the one provided by Google, the Google Drive. It is one of the easiest-to-use online storage service provided by Google to users. Users can create unlimited folders as per file uploads along with editing and sharing a particular file using Google Drive.

  3. Box
  4. The Box is used mostly by enterprises looking to store larger files. This completely excels when it comes to content management, collaboration, online workspace, task management and file privacy control. In case you are working with a team, you will need a solid cloud storage provider and that is Box.

  5. Microsoft OneDrive
  6. Similar to Apple iCloud, OneDrive is the best data storage provided by Microsoft. If you are using Windows PC, tablet or a phone; One Drive is the best option for online data storage. The free storage provided by OneDrive offers remote file access and allows users to create new documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks online.

  7. Dropbox
  8. Owing to a simple design, Dropbox is a direct competitor to Google Drive as an Online Cloud Storage service. This allows users to create folders for organizing all the important files, share them via unique link and invite friends to share file

  9. Apple iCloud
  10. In case you own an Apple device running on the latest version of the iOS, then you have also been asked to get an iCloud account. Similar to Google Drive, the iCloud comes completely integrated to iOS feature and functions. A total of six users can share iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store using the iCloud.

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