How To Delete Calendar Entries From Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the topmost email client provided by Microsoft Corporation as part of the Microsoft Office Suite or separate applications. This comes with a number of features including a calendar to keep track of appointments, social connectivity button for checking social media profile, and address book to manage contacts among other features.

The calendar is one of the best features present in Microsoft Outlook as it allows users to keep track of birthdays, meetings, and appointments. However, with time this can get over-filled and need to be cleared of older entries. If you are not sure how to go about the whole process, then it is time that you contact a reputed and experienced technical support provider. We at the Microsoft Outlook Customer Support are here to provide you with the best Outlook assistance.

Our team at the Microsoft Outlook Customer Support has the right tools and knowledge to take care of your Microsoft Outlook account. When you will connect with our experts, rest assured that your issue will be resolved without any further delay.

I want to delete older entries from the calendar in my Microsoft Outlook account. How can Microsoft Outlook Support help?

The highly trained and dedicated staff at the Microsoft Outlook Customer Support has come up with an easy-to-follow guide. This will explain how you can delete entries from calendar in Microsoft Outlook. Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below;

  1. In order to delete the calendar entries from Outlook, firstly you need to login to their Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. Next, you will need to click on the Calendar option under the My Calendars option.
  3. Now, scroll down to select the Calendar that they want to delete and then right-click on the option.
  4. Afterwards, you might notice a pop-up window where they need to click on the Delete Calendar option.
  5. Next, you will have to click on the Yes option to confirm the previous step.
  6. To delete all the entries, you need to go to the My Calendars option and then click on Calendar option.
  7. You need to click on the Change View option in the Current View group, which is present on the view tab on the screen.
  8. Now, click on the Item List option and then use the CTRL+A combination to select the whole list.
  9. Click on the Delete option to remove all the entries from the calendar.

How can I connect with the Microsoft Outlook Support?

You can connect with the highly skilled and trained Microsoft Outlook Customer Support via toll-free number at (0-808-164-2786).

Visit our website for more details:

+44 0800 820 3300

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