Methods to repair the Blue Screen error on Windows

Blue Screen Error


1: Check out the kind of issue:

Make sure to check the hardware connections to ensure that all cables and wires are properly connected. Next, look if the RAM and the hard drive are connected and working properly to avoid the blue screen issue. Next thing is to check if there are any unnecessary files or software present on your PC. It is also advised to remove them to fix blue screen error of death windows.

It is vital to pay attention to the newly installed software which communicates with the hardware or the windows system is functioning properly.  If both these systems aren’t coordinated, the blue screen error may appear. Overheating of the CPU or Graphic Card can also result in the blue screen of death status.


2: Look into the error report:
To get to the depth of the problem and get support to fix a blue screen on windows, change the settings of the computer so as to read the contents of the blue screen. Usually, the computer system reboots itself, but once the content is read, the concerned error can be known and the problem can be solved with the help of Google.


3: How to get support to fix a blue screen on windows:


  • Boot into Safe Mode: In case Windows doesn’t start because of Blue Screen error, try booting to Safe Mode and fix the problem. As the computer is booting, repeatedly hit the F8 key until the safe mode option appears.


  • Perform a virus scan: Sometimes viruses and malware are the root cause of a Blue Screen Error, run a virus scan to find anything that could be causing all the issues.


  • Perform a Repair Installation of Windows: This is a quick alternative to completely reinstalling Windows, as it only copies system files to your computer. This is useful if an essential file has become corrupt and is causing your computer to fail. Sometimes, trying to remove the latest driver or windows updates may also be helpful as these might not be compatible with your hardware.


  • Clear up hard disk space: System failures can also be caused due to a lack of free space on your windows disk drive. Remove unnecessary data files and programs if you have less than 15% of your hard disk free.

Re-install Windows: If you are unable to track down the error, you should try a full re-installation of Windows as a way to reset your computer. Ensure that you back up all of your important files before doing so as your hard drive will be formatted entirely.

3 thoughts on “Methods to repair the Blue Screen error on Windows

  1. I downloaded your latest upgrade last night. It took over 3 hours. Now l cant get into it. Automatic repair didnt work. Reset doest work
    Either. I just end up with a blank blue screen with nothing else.

    I didnt want windows 10 in the first place but it was forced on me a while ago. Now my laptop is useless.

  2. Hi i have BSOD since some windows 10 updates and it just cycles this blue screen and wont do anything. error message = fat file system. when i ran a hard drive test via the boot loader menu it fails so am fearing it damaged my hard drive. the laptop is an hp pavillion and is a couple years old. Please inform me how you plan to support in getting this fixed as its through no fault of my own??

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