Microsoft Outlook – How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Outlook is the best emailing client developed by Microsoft and available with Microsoft Suite. It offers many features including a contact manager, calendar to keep track of your appointments and journal to keep a record of the email conversations you have read. One of the best services offered by Microsoft Outlook is the Outlook support which is available 24*7 to resolve any Microsoft Outlook related issues.

Some of the features that Microsoft Outlook offers to users includes;

  1. Fast Email processing
  2. Microsoft Outlook helps in sending and receiving mails within minimal time frame. This helps in making communication faster and less time consuming.

  3. Social Connections
  4. Outlook offers a “Social Connectors” function that allows users stay updated with the latest news on major social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

  5. Contacts
  6. One can easily store all their contacts and edit information about a contact in the address book. The new interface has replaced Contacts with the People option.

  7. Customized calendar
  8. Users can easily manage appointments, meetings and events using the calendar feature. It makes it easier to add people and events with ease.

  9. Offline Functionality
  10. If the internet connection gets disrupted in the middle of some urgent work, users can still read the mail without internet connection with ease.

    Apart from this, Microsoft outlook also offers another cool feature to help users complete their work within less time frame. These are the shortcut or hot keys that enable faster communication especially when working on bulk mails.

How will Microsoft Outlook support help me?

The experts at Microsoft Outlook support line have come up with a list of shortcut keys which will help to save precious time of the outlook user.


Select next message

Select previous message

Refresh (reload the current folder)

Open mail (in a reading pane)

Reply to selected (or currently opened) message

Reply All to selected (or currently opened) message

Forward selected (or currently opened) message

Delete email

Archive email

Mark email as junk

Open “Categorizes” drop down menu

Mark email as rea

Mark email as unread

Undo last action

Close an email and return to list view

Expand item parts

Collapse item parts



Sent Items



Open “Move to” drop down menu

Create new folder

Undo last action

Close an email and return to list view

Expand item parts

Collapse item parts

Open next message

Open previous message

Ctrl+. or Down

Ctrl+, or Up

M or F9

O or Enter


Shft+R then A










Right Arrow

Left Arrow

G then I

G then D

G then S

G then P










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+44 0800 820 3300

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