How To Recover Deleted Mails In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, available as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite is the best email client. Outlook comes with a number of features including calendar, contact manager, journal and a task manager. It has been released as a mobile application and available on iOS, Android and Windows operating system. Microsoft outlook allows users to connect to other social networking engines including LinkedIn, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger.

Outlook also supports POP3 and IMAP protocols that permits users to import mails from other mail servers such as Gmail. The Microsoft Connector add-in lets users import emails from Hotmail accounts. Apart from the numerous features, Outlook also offers another service for its ever-increasing customer base, the highly trained Outlook technical support. The experts at Outlook support are available round-the-clock to guide anyone facing difficulty while using Microsoft Outlook.

Sometimes while getting rid of all the unnecessary mails in your inbox you delete an important work related mail. If you are not that acquainted with the working of Microsoft Outlook then this issue might concern you a lot. However, there is no need to burden yourself as the specialists at Outlook support have come up with a simple to follow guide to help you recover your deleted mails.

Guide on recovering mails from deleted item folder in Microsoft Outlook

Whenever you delete an email in your Microsoft Outlook, the mail will be sent to the Deleted Item folder in the mailbox. In case you want to recover the deleted mail, the deleted item folder is the first place to look. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to successfully recover your deleted mail.

  1. In the email folder list, select the Deleted Item and take one of the following actions;
  2. In order to restore the message back to your inbox, right-click the item and then select Move then Inbox.
  3. Now, in order to restore the message to a different folder, right-click the item and select Move then More. Select the folder location then click on Move.

Guide on recovering mail not present in the deleted item folder in Microsoft Outlook

In case you are unable to recover the mail from the Deleted Item folder, the next place to look for it is the Recoverable Item folder.

  1. Signin to your Microsoft Outlook account
  2. In the left pane of window, select the Deleted Item folder
  3. On the top side of the window, select Recover deleted items
  4. A dialog box will be displayed with the list of all the deleted items. Choose the items you need to recover then select Recover then OK.

However, if you are unable to recover the deleted mail from the Deleted Item folder; contact our experts at Microsoft Outlook support. You can contact us via toll-free number 0-800-820-3300

+44 0800 820 3300

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