Top 3 Features Of Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge, developed by Microsoft is an internet browser and was introduced with the advanced Windows 10 operating system. It has completely replaced the traditional Internet Explorer web browser that came with every version of Windows OS prior to Windows 10. The improved Microsoft Edge browser comes with complete integration with Cortana, reading mode and an annotation tool along with support for multi-device operations.

With the introduction of Microsoft’s Creators Update for Windows 10, the company introduced a number of security features, bug fixes, and re-designed old features. Microsoft Edge browser also received many major updates and has some fantastic features to the users.

What new features does the Microsoft Edge browser comes with?

The experts at the Microsoft Support have come up with a list of some awesome features that the new update offers to the browser. These have been explained in details below;

  1. Pin Web-page
  2. Microsoft has added a new feature to the Edge browser, with the Windows 10 Creators Update users can now pin their favorite websites on the taskbar. This can be done by simply clicking on the triple-dot button on the Microsoft Edge window’s right edge and then selecting Pin this page to the task bar.

  3. Fluent Design Integration
  4. With the latest Creator’s Update for Microsoft Edge browser, the browser has some impressive visual changes around the frame via Fluent Design System. Now, Microsoft Edge browser uses an Acrylic material across the tab bar and other controls thereby adding depth and transparency.

  5. Improvised PDF and EPUB eBook Reader
  6. The new Windows 10 Version 1709 has improved the eBook and PDF reading capabilities of the Microsoft Edge browser. Users can easily annotate PDF and eBooks as well as use ink-

How can I connect with the Microsoft Edge Support experts?

You can connect with the highly skilled and trained Microsoft Support UK experts via toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300). Visit our website to know more about us:

+44 0800 820 3300

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