Top 3 Tips To Improve PC Performance In Windows

Windows is one of the best and user-friendly operating system developed by Microsoft. Around 90% of laptops and desktop systems use Microsoft Windows for regular operations. Windows operating system comes with some built-in programs including WordPad, Microsoft Paint, Windows DVD, Microsoft Edge web browser, Windows Groove and Windows Photo Viewer. Microsoft came out with the first window operating system in November 1985 and since then has been providing users with upgraded Windows operating systems. The windows operating system is easy to operate as compared to MS-DOS which required users to enter commands in the command prompt to make the computer perform a function.

The wide collection of operating systems developed by Microsoft includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Recently, Microsoft unveiled the upgraded Windows 10 offers many features including updated Microsoft Edge browser, multiple desktop screens, a central notification screen and a newly designed start menu. Apart from this, the best service offered for customers with any issues hampering the full performance of their windows based computer is windows tech support.

Have you recently upgraded your system with the Windows 10 operating system? Are you facing certain performance issues?

If you are a new user of the latest Windows 10 then you have one of the best operating systems installed in your system. However, at times an unknown issue might arise with Windows 10 which can interfere with its performance. There is no need to worry as the experts at Microsoft support have come up with tips on how to maximize the performance of your system.

Tips for maximizing PC performance in Windows 10

Given below are the top 5 tips for improving the performance of your system installed with the latest version of Windows 10;

  1. Latest updates for Windows and device drivers

    One of the first method to make your computer perform to its maximum potential is to ensure that your version of windows has the latest drivers. This can be done with the following method;

    1. Click on the Start Menu button then select Settings
    2. Next select Update and Security
    3. Click on Windows Updates and then on Check for Updates
    4. Under the status option, do one of the following things;
    5. In case the status says that the device is up to date then follow the next step
    6. In case the status says that Updates are available then click on install now.
    7. Select the updates that you want to install and click on Install
    8. Once the update has been installed, restart your computer
  2. Restart your PC and the applications that you use

    Having unnecessary programs run in the background while working on the system can have an impact on the performance of your system. If this is the case then always restart your system and close the applications that you seldom use. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below;

    1. Click on the Start Menu button then on Power and then on Restart
    2. Once the PC reboots, open the applications that you use and close once done
    3. Sometimes, an application made for an earlier version might interfere with your PC performance. If this is the case, then follow the guidelines mentioned below;

    4. In the search box on the taskbar, type troubleshoot, and then select Troubleshoot, which has System settings listed underneath it.
    5. In Troubleshoot, select Program Compatibility Troubleshooter then on Run the troubleshooter.
    6. Select the program that you’re having problems with. Then select Next and continue through the troubleshooter.
  3. Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows

    Windows 10 comes packed with various animations and visual effects. These enhance the appearance of the operating system but also use up system resources leading to a laggy performance. In order to adjust the appearance and visual effects on Windows 10, kindly follow the steps mentioned below;

    1. Now, in the taskbar, type performance then select adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.
    2. Under the Performance options dialog box, on the visual effects tab select Adjust for best performance and then click on Apply.
    3. Now, restart your PC.

However, if your PC still gives a laggy performance then contact the experts at Windows Tech Support via toll free Microsoft Windows tech support number 0-800-820-3300

+44 0800 820 3300

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