Top 5 Cool Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is the latest product developed by Microsoft Corporation for its million plus user base worldwide. The Microsoft Office package comes with multi-platform support including Windows and macOS. Office 365 caters to the needs of both individuals and entrepreneurs by providing them plenty of applications including an email client. Microsoft Office 365 Suite includes a word processor, slideshow maker, excel sheet and a database manager among other programs. Office 365 is available in a number of subscriptions including Personal, Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise, Home and ProPlus. Users can easily purchase these plans depending on their need and requirement.

Microsoft offers a number of services including Microsoft Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint and voicemail among various other services. Apart from the wide array of products and services catering to the needs of various individuals; Microsoft also has an efficient customer care unit called Microsoft Office support. The tech specialists at the Microsoft Office support ensure that no issue interrupts the smooth experience that a customer can have while working on Office 365.

Did you know that the Office 365 comes loaded with a number of ultra-cool features?

Yes, your experience with the Microsoft Office Suite just got a whole lot better with the advanced features offered by Office 365. Right from better presentation options in Powerpoint to the plethora of editing tools in Word, you can stay assured that if you have Microsoft Office 365 installed on your computer; you don’t need anything else. The experts at Microsoft support have come up with a list of top 5 supercool features that Office offers to the users.

  1. Real Time Co-Authoring on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Now you can share any document online and make changes at the same time with the real-time co-authoring. Effortlessly save your file in the online-cloud service called OneDrive or SharePoint and work on it.

  3. Converse with others using Office applications
  4. Have you heard about the latest Skype integration with the Office apps? This feature can be used for chatting, sharing screens and have audio-visual conversations with others. Even, after you exit the application, you can continue the conversation on your desktop or phone version of the application.

  5. Use mouse as a pointer for PowerPoint presentations
  6. Now, use the simple keyboard combination “Ctrl+P” and turn your mouse into a laser pointer for all PowerPoint presentations. Make use of the Presenter Mode commands that have been integrated into touch-screen devices and is an important part of PowerPoint.

  7. Edit and Convert to PDF format
  8. Are you done working on your word document, excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation? Simply convert the file to PDF format with the save option. Simply open the File option and then select Save as PDF feature. In case you want to edit a PDF document, simply convert it to Word document without facing any formatting issues

  9. Huge 50GB email storage
  10. Whether you are working on Microsoft Office 365 for a school project or creating the company annual report, you can rest assured of getting a 50GB mail storage space with the Exchange Online for all email, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts and attachments. You can easily save space in the mailbox by utilizing the OneDrive cloud storage to store attachments.

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