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Microsoft Windows 10 has been the most advanced version of the Windows operating system till date. Microsoft has managed to offer users a number of advanced features including Start Menu customization among others. The company has been praised far and wide by lovers of Windows OS. Recently, Microsoft introduced some major updates to its Windows operating system. Microsoft support has highlighted some important features of it.

If you are looking to download additional gadgets for your Windows 10 operating system, connect with the Microsoft Windows Support experts. Our team of professionals is always ready to help keep your Windows OS up and running. We have been providing the best Windows based technical support to all our customers for more than 10 years and have earned a reputable name in the industry. Whenever you will call on our number, you will be answered at the first ring.

When you will connect with the experts at the Windows Customer Support, rest assured that your issue will be resolved by the best Windows technicians. Our professionals have the right tools and knowledge when it comes to resolving any issue interfering with the smooth functioning of your Windows OS. We work day and night for only one purpose and that is to help every customer keep their Microsoft Windows system running without any issues.

Which are the top Windows 10 gadgets that I can download on my PC?

The technical experts at the Microsoft Windows Customer Support have been providing the best assistance for any Windows-related issues. Our professionals have come up with a list of the best Windows 10 gadgets that you can have for your desktop.

  1. Windows 10 Widgets
  2. One of the best widgets for being future-proof, this provides basic things including music, Wi-Fi, battery and works on responsiveness of the system. It also comes with options of customizing wallpapers or adjusting the screen size. Let the Windows Support experts be your guide in choosing the best widget for your Windows 10 desktop.

  3. XWidget
  4. One of the popular gadgets with designers and creative employees, it is also a widget editor and offers professional-level animations. This offers greatest stability as a widget and is in huge demand owing to its graphics. The best feature of X Widget is that it updates the user-experience with every edition. Allow the Microsoft Windows Support experts to get the best technical assistance for your Windows-based system.

  5. Network Meter
  6. The best option when it comes to knowing any connectivity issues related to Ethernet or wireless network. Network Meter is the best choice if you are looking for a gadget that lets you know the download speed when online. Allow our experts at the Windows Tech Support to help you install the best Windows 10 gadgets.

  7. Application Launcher
  8. If you are looking for a user-friendly widget then the App launcher is the best option for you. It mainly works as a launch bar and you can easily drag whatever applications or gadgets you need on your desktop screen. We at the Windows Support are here to help you get the best for your Windows 10 deskto

  9. AveDesk
  10. AveDesk lets you have icons on your Windows 10 desktop screen, however this time the icons are different and come with plug-ins for multitasking. These basically act as shortcuts to the main gadget including email, calculator and other applications. We at the Windows Tech Support are always here to help keep your system up and running.

How can I connect with the Microsoft Windows experts?

You can easily connect with the highly skilled and trained Microsoft Windows Customer Support experts via toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300).

+44 0800 820 3300

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