Top 6 Features Of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the premier email client used by individuals and businesses to communicate on personal and professional level. The email client comes included with the Microsoft Office Suite and has more than million users subscribed to the service. Apart from offering a completely secure method of sending and receiving emails, Microsoft Outlook also offers excellent customer support as Outlook tech support.

Apart from the being the best email client for both private individuals and entrepreneurs, Outlook offers the following features;

  1. Attachment with reminder
  2. You can easily send any data file or document as an attachment via Microsoft Outlook in the email up to 20MB. However, using cloud storage you can send a file with size up to 300GB and also resize the attached document. In case you are using the MS exchange server then the reminder makes sure that you receive the delivery information for both outgoing and incoming messages.

  3. Signature
  4. Ever tried sending a mail with your signatures? Now, you can use the signature option available in Microsoft Outlook and create your own authentic signature to be used in every mail. You can do it all the while adding a business card, hyperlink or just by adding a picture.

  5. Calendar for appointments
  6. Now you can effortlessly keep track of all your appointments and schedule tasks as per priority using the calendar feature of Microsoft Outlook. Simply add time, place and subject and describe the appointments thereby saving your precious time.

  7. Enhanced Security
  8. Besides providing basic password protection, Microsoft Outlook services also keeps a tab on spam mails that are sent as attachments. You can easily customize the look of the security feature.

  9. Stay connected socially
  10. Microsoft Outlook allows users to stay connected to the digital media on Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. You can use the social connector option to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings around you.

  11. Contact Management
  12. Microsoft Outlook allows users to easily manage their contacts. Users can easily import contacts from Gmail and other email services. You can also use photo for each contact and organize them into groups as per preference.

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