Uninstall Xbox One Game Or Application To Free Space

Microsoft Xbox One is the latest edition to the Microsoft gaming console family. Xbox One offers a number of features to users including video calling using Skype, sharing your favorite gaming moments with other gamers, issuing voice commands, watching live television, a personalized home screen and staying connected to other gamers via Xbox Live community. With a never ending list of games ranging from futuristic action of Gears of War, open-world Grand Theft Auto 5 to zombie-horror Resident Evil 7, Xbox is sure to keep gamers stuck to the screens for hours.

If you are a hardcore gamer, then no doubt you must be having ample of gaming titles installed on your Xbox One hard drive. However, this is not with those using Xbox One for the first time as the ample settings and features might confuse them. No need to worry as the experts at XBox Technical support are here to help with their expert guidance.

The technical specialists at XBox customer support are there 24*7 to provide assistance to customers facing an issue with Xbox One console. Whether it is creating a user account or installing the latest version Grand Theft Auto, our taskforce is always ready to help.

I am trying to uninstall certain applications and games from the Xbox One hard drive o free some space. How can Microsoft support help me with this issue?

In order to save space on your hard drive and remove unused games and applications on the Xbox One console, kindly follow the guidelines given by the experts at Microsoft support.

  1. On your Xbox One Home select my games and apps.
  2. Select Games or Apps and highlight the game or application that you want to remove. Next, press the Menu button.
  3. Next, select manage game or manage app.
  4. Now, do one of the following;
    1. Select the location where the game or app is stored. Select Internal if the said game or application is stored on the Xbox One hard drive and then select uninstall all.
    2. Select the game or app logo and then press Menu button then select Uninstall.
    3. To delete the saved data select the saved data file and press Menu button.
    4. Next, select Delete saved data

However, if you still face any issue while trying to remove any game or app from Xbox One console; contact the XBox Customer support experts via Toll Free Number 0-800-820-3300

+44 0800 820 3300

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