How To Update Your Xbox One Console

Microsoft recently unveiled the upgraded gaming console, the new Xbox One which allows gamers to completely immerse themselves in the gaming world. The new Xbox One comes loaded with features including technology that enables users to start anything with voice commands, uploading favorite gaming moments, making video calls with skype, option to customize the main menu and many more. Apart from providing the best gaming console for die-hard gamers, Microsoft also offers an effective and highly trained customer care service known as XBox support.

The Microsoft Xbox One support offers round-the-clock service to resolve any issue that might interfere with the working of your Xbox One console. The experts provide workable solutions with their years of experience in tackling any issues that interrupt with your gaming experience.

How to update your Microsoft Xbox One console?

Microsoft always provides latest updates to every product made by the company. Xbox One is no exception as it is always important for gamers to stay updated in order to enjoy each gaming session, whether alone or with their college friends.

To keep your Microsoft Xbox One updated, the experts at Microsoft Xbox One support

Guide on updating Microsoft Xbox One

There are two ways of keeping your Microsoft gaming console updated, one is the automatic and the second is manual.

Steps for automatic updation of Xbox One

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide and then choose Settings and then All Settings.
  2. Select System then select Updates.
  3. Select Keep my console up to date for the console and keep my games and apps up to date for games and applications.

Steps for manual updation of Xbox One

  1. In order to update your Xbox One manually, follow the steps mentioned below;
  2. Ensure that the console is connected to the Internet. Open the guide and choose Settings then All Settings.
  3. Select System then updates and then update console. Please note that if no update is shown then your console is up to date with the l

How to know the version on which your console is running?

For you to know about the version of software that Microsoft Xbox One is running on, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. In order to check the console system version, open the guide then go to Settings then All Settings.
  2. Next, select System then Updates. Now, to see when it was last updated go to Latest console update status.

If you are facing any issue while updating your Microsoft Xbox One console, no need to worry as the experts at Microsoft support will provide their expert guidance and remove the issue. You can call us via XBox Support Phone number 0-800-820-3300

+44 0800 820 3300

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