Windows 10 Update Vs WannaCry – Who Will Win?

Microsoft Windows 10 Ransomware Security

Ransomware, the new Trojan virus released on May 12th, 2017 has wreaked havoc on computer systems on a global level. The virus initially attacked servers and systems of Britain NHS (National Health Service), FedEx in USA and around 150 countries. The virus has been designed to sniff money from users and businesses by encrypting all the files. A majority of the attacks by Ransomware were targeted at Windows based systems and evolve as it penetrates the system files. Many a times, experts have come up with decryption keys that have helped users recover their files.

However, Ransomware has met its nemesis in the form of the new Microsoft Windows 10 updates that aim to protect systems both offline and online. The Microsoft Windows 10 Ransomware Security updates released by Windows 10 aim at intercepting any attacks by Ransomware.

The following updates released by Microsoft Windows 10 Ransomware Security aim to stop the virus in its tracks thereby saving the user from having to pay a hefty sum.

  1. Internet Browser Protection
  2. Microsoft has offered the ultimate protection to Windows 10 users and Microsoft Edge from browser attacks. Ransomware has been known to use Adobe Flash Player for transmitting itself. This update gives system the capability to run Flash Player in an isolated container thus blocking Microsoft Edge from running any unknown program. It will make it difficult for Ransomware inventors to infect Windows 10 with the virus.

  3. Improved Email Service
  4. Microsoft has provided massive improvement in the email program, which has strong blocking capabilities. This helps detect and stop mails that often contain infected attachments. Microsoft has upgraded the machine learning models and can now effectively thwart off malware attacks through email. The recent update in Windows Defender also helps in running email services in a more secure manner.

  5. Windows Defender Update
  6. Cloud protection has been combined with the Windows Defender that makes it respond much faster to Ransomware threats and intrusion. Now, Windows Defender can detect a Ransomware attack within seconds making it impossible for the virus to pass through undetected.

  7. Threat Protection Update for Windows Defender
  8. Microsoft has recently introduced the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which can be combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Detection. This is a boon for businesses which can now respond to Ransomware attacks and protect their precious data on time. It will also enable online security researchers understand as to how Ransomware enters a corporate network and identify the next target; thereby being one step ahead of the virus.

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